William Sherlund – Defending Yourself Against Attackers with a Knife

Imagine this scenario where you are walking down the road, and out of nowhere, a person suddenly attacks you with a knife. You will be caught off-guard suddenly, and the results could even result in death. Experts in the field of self-defense, no one needs a license to carry a knife, unlike a firearm. Even if it is in an ordinary person’s hands, it is one of the most dangerous weapons that man can carry.

William Sherlund – How can you defend yourself from a knife attacker

There are several cases where knife attacks happen on a wide scale. The cases of knife attacks have increased so much that men and women should be aware of how to defend themselves from sudden attacks. They should enroll in self-defense classes so that they can ward off such attacks proactively.

The importance of self-defense training

Fighting skills expert William Sherlund, Founder of Gutter Fighting Secrets in the USA, shares some life-saving techniques when it comes to saving yourself from knife attacks. He says that anyone can carry a knife, and this dangerous weapon can also take a person’s life.

He says that if you have no training when it comes to disarming or subduing an attacker, the best thing for you to do is to dodge the attacker and run. This is not only the safest but the best bet for survival. You can learn these dodging and disarming techniques online from credible videos available for free online. However, when it comes to facing it in real -life, if it ever happens, replicated that choreographed video that you have seen once is really foolish.

The need for distance from the attacker

In case you encounter an assailant with a knife in a real-life setting, the first thing you must do is create as much distance between you and the knife. If the attacker has the knife in the right hand, you should take a stance with the right foot behind you. When you do so, the assailant must fully extend their right hand to reach you with the knife. This makes it simple for you to block the knife or totally avoid it.

Never be static when you are with the assailant

Make sure you do not stand still in front of the attacker. In case the assailant attacks you with the knife with their right arm, you need to dodge to your left. When you dodge to the opposite side of their track, they will take some seconds to telegraph their next move, and so it will give you sufficient time to dodge and move out of the way. You get the distance you need to escape and start running.

William Sherlund states that when attackers strike with a knife, they generally use their free hand to grab hold of their victim and keep him/her to the end of the knife. Such attacks happen suddenly, so it is always prudent to keep the above in mind. In order to combat such attacks, it is prudent to at least learn basic self-defense classes to help yourself stay protected from malicious predators on the streets.