What is a Software Development Life Cycle?

A couple of instructions for the computer to learn and understand to perform a specific task is called a Software. Software development is the process to use computer programming to develop a software. This is not new for many, but the topic under consideration will be new for many. SDLC or Software Development Life Cycle, is the process of developing a new software.

The process of developing a software is not difficult to understand Vytvoření vlastního coinu. The task of SDLC goes like this:

Gathering and then analyzing certain requirements to develop a software
Designing of the software
Code or programming
Testing the software
Maintaining the software
Gathering and then Analyzing certain requirements to develop a Software

This is the initial phase. Like starting any business, start to work on a new software requires a plan. The planning phase would include the project operators, stakeholders and even some senior software developers. No matter how professional or for how long the software development company has been operating, the planning is not an easy phase to follow. Although, it would take less time for experts to plan a new project and then to start working on it but still there will be some questions that must always be answered before taking on any project. Following are some questions, which needs answers before taking on the project:

Who will be using the software?
How they will be using it?
What is the desired data to input?
What will be the output of the input data?
What is the point?
What skills are required? Will there be a need to hire new personnel or the current staff have the right skills and the capacity to work on this new project?
Find their answers. Is the project worth it? A analysis is required here. There will be more questions that need to be answered before taking on this new project. All the work is documented for future reference.

Designing of the Software

Now comes the second phase, the designing of the software. On the basis of the documentation and the results of the first phase, the device and the software is given a design. From this, the developers comes to know certain requirements of the hardware and system required to complete their new project. This phase will also define the device architectural mastery. The designing phase will set certain requirements for the next phase.

Code or Programming

Here comes the role of the software developers. The device design documents are now divided into themes and the developers now start their job. This is going to be the best phase of all. Programming is done here and it’s known to all that programming isn’t an easy job. It needs the required time, expertise and patience. Once done, the software developer sends their work to the tester.

Testing the software

When in the production business, products you can the product is always watched and tested. So is the case with a software development. When the code is done, the software developer sends their work to the Software Quality Assurance department /personnel. They will overlook the work of the software developers. The software quality assurance or the SQA for short can look for bugs and test the software. The test will be made depending on certain requirements and the guidelines mentioned in the requirements document. Unit testing, integration testing, system testing, acceptance testing is done by the SQA and if found deviations or errors, it’s delivered back to the software developer. The procedures will keeps on repeating themselves so that the software is bugs free and ready to deploy.

Deployment of the Software

On successful the end of the software and the testing, it is provided for the concerned client or is available to the public.

Maintaining the software

Only the non-serious professionals or the ones not ready carry on their business will not look back to their software but the serious developers will. Every software needs updating and maintenance. Whenever the software encounters some troubles, the software developing company will be there to fix it.

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