Small and Simple Water Garden Ideas

Stylish, elegant, attractive and relaxing; These are a few of the qualities a garden needs to be remembered as the place you cherish most, the place that offers you the slow pace you need. Every garden is beautiful as long as it hosts at least one water element. Even if it is a small river or a water fountain, a water feature or a pool, the water element represents a sensorial point of attraction as well as a system of environment’s natural adjustment su perdesi fiyatları.

An idea of a water garden would be creating an artificial water course giving birth to a beautiful water fountain. Fountains represent an attraction wherever they are located. A water fountain in a garden provides impression of continuity, of time going by and also, of an aristocratic view upon what stylish really means. The base of the water fountain can take an assortment of water plants, such as arrowheads, papyrus, and brightly blooming water lilies.

Another interesting idea for a water garden can be represented by the marvelous waterfalls. Of course, these have to be created with a lot of taste, as not to transform the piece of art into kitsch, a misstep in which everyone might fall very easy. For example, a waterfall could be made of artificial water lily leaves, were all around by precious metal sculptures which can represent a child collecting river rocks. The surroundings could be formed of rocks and gravel, containing one and only spot color, a water salad.

Additionally, using contrasts is another plus of your water garden. If you have water window curtain trickling down a black plastic front, you can use this element in order to create a spectacular effect. How? The answer is easy: through introducing a contrasting element. It’s the same that you have to expose that corner of your garden by putting a decorative plant on the background (a decorative onion) colored in contrasting shades.

For the ones who don’t know, the decorative onion looks like a purple comfortable ball which might perfectly oppose the non-colored part of your waterfall. Another idea would also stand in the wonderful water mills which give the impression of a scenic joint of heaven. They are preferred by many persons due to their never ending similarities with the ancients, with the past and that is exactly the reason why they are used in every other possible environment (terraces, charades, cocktails, etc).

The idea of a crawl has also been highlighted a lot lately due to its enlightening atmosphere and slow pace effect created especially by a carpet of shells lying on the bottom today. The sea side atmosphere along with the fabulous sound of the lake and a path of sand at the edges of the crawl, all lead to a mystical atmosphere of magic.

There are a lot of ideas based on the perfect water gardens concept but each one must be designed to a man’s needs and expectations. A simple river can be transformed into an oasis if you know how to add, where to add and how much to add.

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