Ram V Chary- Top Traits Every Successful CEO Must Have

Business leaders drive their companies to success with true vision and expertise in corporate affairs. Leaders like CEOs and Managing Directors hold an important place in every company, and they are responsible for its growth and development. These leaders have managerial traits that make them stand out in the crowd. However, successful CEOs are the ones that steer their organization and its employees to become a dominant name in the industry.

Ram V Chary – A widely respected name in business leadership

The term CEO refers to Chief Executive Officer, and it is the highest-ranked designation for a business executive in an organization. Ram V Chary is a highly successful business leader and has served as the President and CEO of Everi Games Holding Inc. in the USA. He states that the key duties and responsibilities of professionals like him are immense.

They include being the organization’s public representative or face, managing its complete resources, and global business operations. The job of a CEO does not end here. He/she needs to be the channel of communication between the Board of Directors of the company and make decisions that could profoundly affect the operations of the organization and its fate in the market.

Lead by example

Mr. Chary has also been the Executive VP- Global Commercial Services at Fidelity National Information Services, Inc. in the past and has an excellent track record there as well. He adds that the CEO’s precise roles and responsibilities depend upon the culture, size, and corporate structure of the company. According to him, the CEO of a large corporation needs to manage multiple strategic decisions of a high-level and significance.

In small firms and companies, the role of the CEO is mostly hands-on. This is primarily because the CEO needs to be involved in all the daily operations of the company. In short, every CEO needs to be aware of the requirements of his/her role precisely. There should never be room for any confusion or ambiguity, or else the company’s progress will falter.

He says that successful CEOs always –

  • Learn from their past experiences, and they instill all the lessons they learn in their future endeavors. CEOs cannot afford to make mistakes as even a small one will cost their organization dear.


  • Good CEOs have strong communication skills. They must consistently boost the morale of their teams. No matter how challenging and technical the communication is, the CEO should convey the same to the team in simple terms.


  • Interpersonal skills- A good CEO should have effective interpersonal skills to build relationship-building with employees and clients. When the relationship between everyone is strong, loyalty and productivity are automatically boosted.

According to Ram V Chary, every company CEO should be true leaders and not become arrogant or over-confident because they occupy the highest business executive post in the organization. They should earn respect from their employees and be inspirational figures to bring positive change and progress with time. These are some traits which make a successful CEO in many fields.

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