Korea to Launch Online Bingo Sites Aimed at America Bingo Players

The government issued a stern warning to North Korea today telling them to withdraw plans to open web bingo sites aimed directly at American bingo players. This employs information was received in California that the North Koreans are establishing sophisticated bingo software, probably acquired in Syria or Pakistan. If true 홀덤사이트, North Korea will become the seventh nation to develop such software, which is a direct violation of the Online Bingo Low Proliferation Treaty, signed last month in New york. At the moment only the british isles, USA, China, Of india, all Countries in europe and the Falkland Of the islands (for offshore operations) are allowed to operate online bingo sites.

Spokesman for the US admin of defense, Colonel Stopitnow, had this to say “The decision of North Korea to launch internet bingo sites aimed directly at Americans with much bigger affiliate marketer payouts and huge sign up bonuses is something we can not stand. Bingo players, not only the united states but across the world will be put at an increased risk from possibly not receiving checks in the post because the postal system in North Korea is in best low existent. We need to protect, look after and give our citizens something more to worry about in the interests of our western way of life. inches News Cable No New News Today (NCNNNT) welcomed the statement.

North Korea hasn’t already rejected the claims that it is in control of online bingo developing software but refutes suggestions that online bingo sites will be targeted against America and insists these online bingo sites are for domestic purposes only. A spokesman for North Korea, General Hilownum, who expected not to be named, said. “This is another example of the US having a go at us. We do not have the delivery capabilities of long range online bingo sites because we only have 486 PC computers. The Americans know this full well because they only gave them to us last year when we agreed to stop selling anything we produce to any other country.

This explanation was presented with credibility by the recent UN leisure figures that list countries in order of possible leisure activities. North Korea was second to last in the list, Antarctica being towards the end.

Asked why the united states had not protested when China launched its first online bingo site the other day, and where US bingo players now number in the twenties, Colonel Stopitnow answered. “China has a big affiliate marketer, big coal and oil stores and provides People in america with vast quantities of cheap plastic household goods. What has North Korea got to offer us, Nada. inches

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