How to Achieve Marketing Ecstasy

Tens of quantities are spent online daily to market goods and services to the public. Gigantic amounts are spent shamelessly on marketing research so that products can be sold mushroom grow kit. Account management spend sleepless nights trying to decipher the problem of the human mind and what prompts it to need it something. The whole marketing world is looking for marketing nirvana.

Where is marketing nirvana? No need to quit your worktime job and start meditating to find it. All is not lost. There is some studies that have provided some flexibility into what controls buying practices. We know for sure that people buy based on emotions and then vindicate their purchase with intuition. That’s not too hard to understand, is it? If you want to make sales online you should be able to use your online marketing skills to make people laugh, cry, or feel some other sort of feelings.

Creating an emotional response does not mean that you crack jokes to make people laugh or remind people of natural disasters and make them cry. It does, mean, however that you should appeal to the feelings.

Ways to appeal to the feelings include the use of colors, the precise uses of words, and even prices. Data released by Loyola University in Maryland demonstrates color increases brand recognition by 80%. Yellow is a very stimulating color and a real attention getter. It is the most effective psychological color. It invokes positive outlook, friendliness, happiness and confidence. This is why companies like McDonald’s, Best Buy and IKEA use it extensively in their marketing. Color is not the only way to emotionally engage your prospects. Powerful marketing words can also invoke emotions. These power words have the following: Absolutely, Benefit, Convenient, Dependable, Easy, Free, Guarantee or Guaranteed, How-to, Love, Money, New, Proven, Quickly, Secrets, Removed, Winning, Yes, and you or Your. Let’s not take a look at words, let’s also discuss pricing. Prices invoke an emotional response from a buyer. One study has shown that more units of a luxury bar of soap was sold when the soap was priced higher than when it was priced as a mid-grade soap. The reason being the higher price made the user of the item feel like we were holding using a luxury item.

Studies have shown that 90% of purchasing decisions are done by emotions. 90% is a huge portion of the buying decision. This is data that will encourage web marketers to devote more time to learning about the emotional triggers of their targeted prospect and what makes them spend money on. Good luck

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