Fred Glynn – Items You Do Not Need for State Park Hikes

Most people believe that backpacking and hiking are similar in several ways. For instance, you can go for an unplanned hike and enjoy it. You can go solo or take a buddy with you. However, in both backpacking and hiking, you should know what to bring along. Both of these activities are the same, and everything you carry matters.

Fred Glynn – Never carry unnecessary baggage

Fred Glynn is an avid hiker and an esteemed councilman at the Hamilton County. He is from Carmel in Indiana and has over 15 years of rich experience in the field of business and finance. He is a specialist in the field of insurance, banking, and mortgage. He uses his expertise in the field of business and finance when it comes to managing council matters. He is a firm believer and practitioner of fiscal conservatism that focuses on the optimization of resources for the benefit of the whole community.

He recently has launched a website with life and business tips for readers to boost their quality of life. When it comes to hiking, he says that you should have a good packing list from an experienced professional so that you do not bring in extra items with you on the hike. As you go higher, the bag becomes heavy, and you really do not need those things when you are hiking in a place like a state park.

So, the next question is – What should you not bring with you?

He says on a hiking and backpacking trip; you should not bring with you the following items-

  1. Valuables and jewelry- Wearing any valuable and flashy will only attract unwanted attention. You should leave your items in the car and forget about them. The last thing you would want is to lose an earring or a bracelet during your hike. The ordeal would be like searching for a needle in a haystack.


  1. Clothes made of cotton- The trek or hike lasts for some days, so do not bring cotton clothing. They take up more space and weigh heavier compared to materials that are synthetic in nature. If you are hiking in winter or during a colder month, you should consider layers as to wearing a heavy coat. The same holds true for your bath towel too.


  1. Guidebooks- You do not need to carry heavy guidebooks for your reference during the hike or trek. If there are some pieces of information that you need to remember, make sure you take photographs of them. In case you want to carry a book to the camp, just stick with one book.

According to Fred Glynn when it comes to gadgets, you should carry only tech gadgets. You should carry your smart watch, power bank, power bank, and a portable Bluetooth speaker. Do not carry anything that is beyond this. In case you own a drone, just bring it along only if drone footage is mandatory. The same also goes for your camera lenses. In this way, you can keep the weight of your bag under control and enjoy your trek to the fullest.

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