A Christian Has no Business With Sickness

“He (Jesus Christ) personally weary our sins in His [own] body on the tree [as on an altar and offered Himself on it], that we might die (cease to exist) to sin and live to righteousness. By His wounds you have been treated. inches

Dear friend, whenever I make the statement that is the topic of this message, people are always surprised, Christians inclusive. I don’t pin the consequence on them because I was once like that so that the The almighty made me know my the law as a Christian.

The reccommended belief amongst people is that sickness is a normal part of this life. Parents still find it normal for a child to be sick because children play a lot, pick things and put in their mouths.

Equipment . believe the body is like a machine that needs routine service and so sickness once in a while is not out of place. Majority of people also believe together gets older, the body decreases Antalya psikolog, loses its active function, sickness comes and then the person drops dead from sickness.

It is also not uncommon to listen to Christians say “maybe there is a purpose from God in this sickness” or “God is using this sickness to tell me something. inches

Dear friend, as realistic as these statements may sound, in this same ignorance, I suffered for 19 years so that the The almighty showed me my the law in Christ. The Holy Sort text above is among the many Scriptures to confirm that a Christian has no business with sickness.

I had a condition that developed one day in February1998 such that whenever I sweat, my body begins to itch me. It was so bad i always was scared of having my bath in the at night whenever I returned home from work because my body would itch me for between 10 : a quarter-hour non-stop.

Even if I decided to shower, it had to be very hot water that burns the body in order not to experience prolonged irritation after showering. I prayed, I fasted, I visited a medical facility, ran tests, took medication all to no avail.

I even went online to see if i could identify the cause through other people’s experiences but I was ineffectual to create anything i really suffered in silence.

By way of a friend, I read a Christian Book on this subject of Divine Healing and it was when i saw, believed and opened up what God said in His Word that my 19 years of possible to avoid suffering ended in early 2017.

Wonder be to God for what happened on the Cross of Calvary!

I say possible to avoid suffering because those Scriptures on Divine Healing was anxiously there all along and even though I had read it severally, I did so not comprehend the impact, not until God and Father individuals The almighty and Jesus Christ opened my eyes of understanding.

You see, when Jesus Christ our The almighty shed His precious blood on the Cross of Calvary, He took away our sins just as the first area of the Bible verses text above tells us. Every Christian knows this for a fact and it is our belief and acceptance of this fact that gives us Solution in Christ Free of charge.

In addition, Jesus also took away our illnesses and diseases by whatever name. The Sort says, by His Stripes, you have been treated. This means, Jesus has brought your illnesses and diseases away and you need not bear them again!!

This statement is easy but it is deep. I can tell you dear friend, that to the wonder of God Almighty, I have not experienced that terrible body irritation again since early 2017 to date.

Not only that, I have never had to take any medication for any ailment because I now know my the law in Jesus Christ. This is the truth and it is applicable to every Christian who believes what Jesus did for us as stated in the Word of God.

It has nothing to do with how a man’s body is constituted but it has EVERYTHING to do with your faith in the Word of God.

Matthew 8: 16-17

“When evening came, they given Him (Jesus Christ) many who were under the power of challenges, and He owned out the spirits with a word and repaired to health all who were sick.

18 And thus He fulfilled what was been vocal by the prophet Isaiah, He Himself took [in order to carry away] our weak spot and infirmities and weary away our diseases. inches

Dear friend, I have explained the fact that a Christian has no business with sickness. I have also told our experience of how God opened my eyes of understanding to this fact using many Scriptures including 1 Peter 2: 24.

The Holy Sort text of Matthew 8: 16-17 above is another Bible verses God showed me and it is another confirmation of the fact that Jesus Christ our Messiah took our weak spot and infirmities and weary away our diseases.

It is because many Christians are unaware of this fact and that is why they continue to suffer from sickness and unfortunately some die in the process. Genuine Christians would die from sickness and go to heaven but they die before their God-ordained time and the people left on earth would ignorantly say “God has called the person home. inches

I can tell you, dear friend, that it is either ignorance individuals the law as Christians or unbelief of the truth of God’s Word that makes up this. It has nothing whatsoever to do with God so stop blaming God for Christians dying from sickness.

Even if the person, an absolute born again, Holy Spirit filled Christian, drops dead from sickness at the age of 90 years, it is not God Who caused it because God is not mcdougal of sickness and disease.

Now, this is another deep statement that would get tongues wagging and in conflict. Let us see what God’s Word says in Acts 10: 38, “How God anointed and consecrated Jesus of Nazareth with the [Holy] Spirit and with strength and ability and power; how He went about doing good and, in particular, curing all who were harassed and oppressed by [the power of] the satan, for God was with Him. inches

There you have it. Jesus went about doing good and in particular curing all who were harassed and oppressed by the power of the satan, for God was with Him.

What was the result of the harassment and oppression of the people by the power of satan that Jesus went about curing? Sickness of course. So would it not be a contradiction for God to be mcdougal of sickness and disease and then Jesus would go about curing it?

Clearly, this Bible verses says satan or the satan, is the author of sickness and disease while God has given us a cure in His Son, the lord Jesus Christ our Messiah.

Once you believe and accept this fact in your spirit, once you confess with your mouth and from your spirit, not your head, no sickness can remain in you.

Now, the contest is that majority of Christians have no idea how to achieve this and I tell you, you can die in the process if you do it incorrectly because satan wants you to die from sickness.

So what is using exercise your the law as a Christian over satan’s oppression by sickness and disease? First, you must recognise, believe, accept what Jesus did for you on the Cross from your spirit, and not just in your thoughts. You must get rid of every thought of God as explanation for your sickness.

You must MEDITATE on the fact that Jesus Christ took away your sickness and disease on His body when He died for you and all mankind on the Cross of Calvary as His Word says. Having believed this Truth in your spirit, you must then confess it with your mouth.

Then you must give the spirit of sickness (originated by satan) a command in the name of the The almighty Jesus Christ to leave your body. Then you must worship and thank God for His love and mercy over your life.

You must never entertain any thought to the contrary because it is the truth and you must preserve this truth in your spirit and confess it with your mouth so that the ailment by WHATEVER name goes away from your body.

No matter whether it is a port disease like Cancer, HIV, Aids, Ebola, or any viral infection. no matter for how long you have suffered the ailment just as I suffered for 19 long years in ignorance. Just know for a fact that there is nowhere in the new Testament of the Holy Sort where it is written that a Christian must be sick or must die from sickness.

What Jesus Christ did on the Cross some 1, 984 years ago as at 2018 is still valid today and even FOREVER because it was one FINAL giving up of Solution out of God’s love for mankind to destroy every work of the satan caused by the devil’s deceit of Adam and Eve at the beginning to make them disobey God and bring sin and death into this world.

Dear friend, I am not informing you a fairy tale. I have no reason to tell lies because I am a Christian whose major interest is to land in Heaven. Whilst hear on earth, it is also my duty as the The almighty Jesus statements us in Mark 16: 15-18 to preach the Gospel to every creature and there are signs that would accompany Believers.

Fortunately, the word of God is clear in Great time-saver twenty-one: 8 that all Liars with experience eternal damnation so if i am telling lies here, it means I have set up myself for eternal damnation. God forbids such a thing because this is Truth I have stated here.

In fact, I have explained this simple point of what the lord Jesus Christ did for us at Calvary including our experience of Divine healing in 2017 a number of Christians who have tried it there are worked for them because it is TRUTH.

The truth is that satan will never stop trying to cause sickness and disease in a Christian’s body BUT when you KNOW and then EXERCISE your God-given the law over satan and command satan in the NAME OF THE THE ALMIGHTY JESUS CHRIST to get out of your life, satan, challenges and their human agents have no option than to obey.

It is just not possible for them to remain when given a command to leave in the name of the The almighty Jesus Christ.

Is this not a great thing the lord did for us which is why we must be eternally gracious? It is. I glorify the name of the The almighty Who has done great and wondrous things for us.

Now, I’d like to see you looking over this, if you are a Christian to put it into practice to confirm for yourself. Do you know anyone, an absolute Christian with a honest relationship with the The almighty Jesus Christ who is currently sick, even bed-ridden, has spent thousands of dollars in medical expenses in the Hospital without any remedy and has even been told the ailment is port?

Investigate Scriptures in Matthew 8: 16-17 and 1 Peter 2: 24 carefully to the person. Then share this message with the person and tell the person what Jesus did for him or her. Get the person to trust it in his or her spirit in yoga and then to confess what he or she believes. Then allow the person command the ailment to leave in the name of Jesus Christ.

Thereafter allow the person learn to seriously thank God for what Jesus did at Calvary and then worship God in gratitude. That ailment MUST give way because satan is behind it.

The person must never entertain any thoughts contrary to the truth of what Jesus did and must never discuss himself or herself as being sick again but as having been treated by the stripes of the The almighty Jesus Christ.

Then the person must continue to thank God so that the ailment leaves totally.

I am waiting for your account.

This is one message I get Christians whenever I go for evangelism and after showing them Scriptures to back it up, you should be amazed.

This is also some text every Christian should share during evangelism with non-Christians who are sick because once they accept the truth of God’s Word in the Holy Sort, God will always complete His Word as confirmation when they exercise it in the name of the The almighty Jesus Christ.

May God bless you as you heed His Word today, act on it and give others in Jesus Strongest Name, Amen.

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